Essay on social service

essay on social service

we seldom think of others. One can serve the society to his hearts content. Social work is about wanting to help the community and that starts by looking to ones self. No one likes conscription but when a house is on fire, when a people face a calamity, what is necessary has to be done. He works and moves in the society. Social service is, no doubt, necessary.

Students And Social Service, essay

essay on social service

We should put out the house-fire, rescue the drowning man help writing college essay and carry the sick or the wounded to the hospital. A doctor should be compelled to devote an hour at a clinic; a teacher should be compelled to teach a few illiterate adults everyday at a night school. You can also cite the work on certain individuals or philanthropists, who are working with different methods than the ones you proposed. Hence, for the time being it is necessary to introduce some form of compulsion in the social service. Almost all-public agencies are funded by our tax dollars.